Great Lakes Ruby Bash


Located in Cleveland, OH @ Case Western Reserve University

Great Lakes Ruby Bash 2011 will be held June 18th at Case Western Reserve University. Cost of admission is only $50! Registration is limited to 125 attendees, so make sure you register today.

We’d like to thank Within3 for sponsoring this year’s conference.

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  • Matt Yoho
    Matt Yoho
    Expanding Ruby's Horizons with JRuby

    Rubyists are proportionally well-represented as inventors of new tools and libraries, being not so much victims of not-invented-here syndrome as they are keen on creating neat new things. When it comes to solving problems at the application level, using well-known and long-lived tools open up the possibilities for building awesome,...

  • Erin O'Brien
    Erin O'Brien
    Where are all the Women?

    In this talk, I will aim to address some issues about the low number of women in the field. I will base my discussion on current research trends, mainly from the field of Psychology, to discuss why there aren’t more female programmers and what can be done to successfully recruit/retain...

  • Jeff
    Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan
    A day in the life of an acceptance tester

    This four person skit will demonstrate the interaction of team members on an agile development team as they use cucumber to create and use acceptance tests to build a web application. During this skit we will hear from the Product Owner, the User Interface designer, the Developer, and of course...

  • Cory Flanigan
    Cory Flanigan
    Communicating Effectively for Fun and Profit

    Communication is undeniably one of the most important facets of the software development process. How often do we focus on learning ways to communicate better with our pairs, our teams, our clients?

    This talk will address the issue of communication, and suggest practical, implementable ways to foster clearer more effective...

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson
    Front end code you can love with coffeescript and backbone

    As ruby developers, we’ve been dragged toward richer web apps, sometimes kicking and screaming. But now it’s time to embrace rich web development: we are now in a position to make our client side code as beautiful and maintainable as our server side ruby code. Coffeescript gives us a beautiful...

  • Ethan Gunderson
    Ethan Gunderson
    ActiveRecord is Rotting Your Brain

    If you’re writing code that looks like User.all.reject(), you’re doing it wrong. Don’t worry though, we’ve all done it before. ActiveRecord makes it all too easy to introduce code that is far from performant, and after awhile, we tend to forget that underneath the pretty API, we’re still producing...

  • Joel Helbling
    Joel Helbling
    Look Ma, No Users! Cucumber ATDD for Applications Without A UI

    Several years ago, Rails took the web development world by storm, capturing the imagination of developers everywhere, and effectively putting Ruby on the map for a legion of passionate software developers. But this outstanding ambassador for the Ruby programming language has not gained as much traction in the realm of...

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